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Battenfeld-Cincinnati says China craves technical advantages


  Toni Bernards. Image by Kent Miller.

Shanghai — Battenfeld-Cincinnati Extrusion Systems Ltd. announced the first Asian sales of production lines with the company’s “fast dimension change” technology, which allows rapid changes in the diameter and wall thickness of extruded pipe.

“We actually have four different drives on the die. They will move the die out and in based upon the size you want to go to,” said Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Grant Flaharty.

Speaking at the company’s Chinaplas booth in Shanghai, Flaharty said fast-dimension change can enable a line to shift from producing 800-millimeter thick-walled pipe to 400-mm thin-walled pipe at the push of a button.

“This technology will pay for itself in one year,” he said. “The first lines we installed in Germany last year. Since then we’ve sold lines into the United States and now we’ve sold two into Korea this year,” Flaharty said.

Besides pipes, major applications for the company’s equipment are door and window frames as well as packaging.

  Grant Flaharty. Image by Kent Miller.

“We are able to control the surface temperature of our rollers very nicely, and that results in better-quality packaging. You can’t get that in China,” said Toni Bernards, CEO of the company’s Chinese subsidiary in Foshan, as well as head of global sourcing.

The company is bullish on Chinese and Vietnamese opportunities, as both countries are in the midst of major upgrades to PVC water-pipe infrastructure. Sales in China jumped 45 percent in the first three months of this year, said Bernards.

“I imagine fast-dimension change will do well here. These sort of technical advantages are very nicely received in China,” he said.

The privately held company does not disclose sales figures, but Flaharty said it is the biggest standalone maker of extrusion machinery in the world. The Bad Oeynhausen, Germany-based company generate one third of its sales in Asia.

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