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Innovia to open UK polymer bank note plant

Innovia, the United Kingdom-based producer of high-performance film, is about to open a new plant to make the polymer substrate for a five pound bank note.

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Dow/Saudi Aramco JV begins cracking

Sadara Chemical Co., a joint venture of Dow Chemical Co. and Saudi Aramco, has started up the Middle Eastern mixed feed cracker (MFC).

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DA.AI seeks a Buddhist niche in PET recycling

Taiwan's DA.AI Technology Co. Ltd. pursues PET bottle recycling from a very Buddhist point of view.

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The Bosnian businessman who shut down VW in Europe

Nijaz Hastor began his career building Volkswagens in a factory in Slovenia. This month, he brought Volkswagen AG to its knees when he refused to back down on a contract dispute between the automaker and his diverse parts company.

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No growth now expected for U.S. plastic processors in 2016

In terms of capacity utilization, the Fed's statistics put the annual average for the entire plastics industry at a little over 80 percent in 2015. This year, the average for all processors combined will be closer to 78 percent.

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Lehrmitt uses 3-D printing for mold textures

Lehrmitt Associates Inc.'s design studios of Austin, Texas, is using 3-D printing to etch molds with tactile, textured surfaces that bring the finishing touch of an artist to plastic consumer products.

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Taiwan machinery makers aim for emerging markets

Facing slackening demand from mainland China, enterprising Taiwanese machinery makers are aggressively pushing into Southeast Asia, while trade leaders are already counseling them to look farther afield.

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Taiwan equipment company Polystar invests $9 million in new facility

Taipei, Taiwan - Taiwanese recycling equipment and blow film extrusion machine maker Polystar Machinery Co. Ltd. is spending $9 million to build a new factory that will increase its capacity and upgrade its showroom and testing center.

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Do you believe in magic? One plastics executive says yes

Plastics industry executive and professional magician Michael Smith is lobbying the U.S. Congress to declare magic as an art.

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Taiwan plastics lab is just what the doctor ordered

Construction is forging ahead on $10 million medical polymer research center that's the latest sign of Taiwan's determination to target the upscale plastics market.

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