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Chinese suppliers, with Beijing's blessing, embark on global buying spree

A subsidiary of Ningbo Joyson Electronics Co. announced plans to acquire the assets of bankrupt Japanese airbag maker Takata Corp.
With the $1.6 billion deal, Joyson joins a wave of Chinese auto suppliers that have used major acquisitions to raise their global profile.

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Opinion: Plastics companies react to China's 'new normal'

A week in China last month had me a little confused. But the problem wasn't jet lag.

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Opinion: From no college, to college, and to apprenticeship

My father didn't get to go to college after high school, thanks to the Cultural Revolution. But by the midpoint of the first decade of the 2000s, China started seeing millions of college graduate into the job market each year.

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Opinion: Chinaplas' best (and worst) translations

Doing business in China as a multinational company usually is a bilingual or multilingual process. Translation plays such a key role in many aspects -- but especially in branding and marketing, and I feel compelled to share two brilliant examples I saw at Chinaplas.

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Opinion: Chinese domestic consumers key to future

Ten years ago in Shanghai, Plastics News covered the Chinaplas show for the first time. Back then, Milacron had just manufactured its first injection press in China, GE Plastics was still GE Plastics, a dollar exchanged for 8 yuan RMB and Shanghai's sky was still blue.

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Opinion: Expect more competition from China

It would not surprise most people to learn that imports of plastics from China into the United States have been increasing. After all, why should plastics be different than other goods, almost all of which seem to come increasingly from China? For those involved in the plastics industry, however, both the magnitude of the increase and the reasons underlying it are worthy of attention.

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K shows Asia climbing the innovation and market ladders

Like all the global plastics shows, Germany's K fair this year saw a big increase in the number of mainland Chinese companies exhibiting, with 340, making them the third-biggest national group, up from 247 companies at the last K show, in 2010.

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The China Blog

China’s plastics door and window market

A report from Beijing-based S&P Consulting called China's 175-million-square-meter-per-annum plastic door and window market "big but not high value." But I personally believe positive changes are on the way.

Guest column: Different tactic to compete

A review of plastics industry reports reveals an emphasis on cost, product innovation and trade measures to achieve competitiveness, and even a competitive advantage. However, there are more ways to acquire advantage.

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Reader's letter: China plays a role in the future of U.S. industry

Dillon Donnelly, a Plastics News reader from Alexandria, Minn., calls for attention to how the Chinese will affect the future of the North American plastics industry. "This is by no means a stirring revelation to the manufacturing community, yet the significance is largely overlooked and ignored," he wrote in a letter to the editor.

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