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European Commission welcomes voluntary pledges for plastic recycling

The European Commission has welcomed "significant" voluntary commitments from the industry to advance plastics recycling but said more that will be needed in the future.

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Machinery makers see crucial role in circular economy

Europe's plastics machinery makers see themselves as playing a crucial role in helping reach the continent's circular economy ambitions.

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Businesses endorse plastics waste and pollution goals

More than 290 companies and groups, including some of the world's largest consumer goods makers and plastics packaging firms, signed on to a plan Oct. 29 from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to make their packaging much more environmentally friendly.

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Companies kick in $90 million to fight plastic pollution in Asia

Major consumer product makers and chemical companies, including Dow Chemical Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co. are kicking in $90 million to fight plastics ocean pollution in Asia, and trying to demonstrate that such projects can be viable investments.

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Taiwan recycling-machine makers see gold in green laws

Tough new plastics recycling and environmental laws in Taiwan and mainland China are boosting the fortunes of the island's small but feisty recycling-machine makers.

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Straw bans stir new business as firms leap to PLA replacement

The global movement to ban petroleum-based plastic straws has hit Taiwan's plastics machinery sector.

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Report: Single-use plastic packaging must adapt to survive

Recycling and sustainability are here to stay, and the plastics industry must adapt in order to survive. That outlook is the main take away of "Rethinking single-use plastics," a study just published by market researchers with major financial institution Citi.

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China's thermoformers join forces on environment, training

Hoping to build stronger links to the government and address concerns about plastic pollution, China's thermoforming industry is forming an ambitious new association aimed at boosting recycling and helping companies upgrade.

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Closed Loop and partners team up for Asia marine litter investment firm

Closed Loop Partners, industry and environmental groups are ready to put money into projects to improve waste management in Asia and help reduce marine pollution.

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Vietnam, Malaysia limit plastic scrap imports

Vietnam and Malaysia have enacted further restrictions on imports of plastic scrap, as both countries seek a better handle on the sizable increase in recycled materials in their ports in the wake of China's ban on imported waste.

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