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BASF studying $10 billion project in China

German chemical giant BASF SE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build its third largest chemicals complex, in the Chinese southern province of Guangdong.

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Closed Loop and partners team up for Asia marine litter investment firm

Closed Loop Partners, industry and environmental groups are ready to put money into projects to improve waste management in Asia and help reduce marine pollution.

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Vietnam, Malaysia limit plastic scrap imports

Vietnam and Malaysia have enacted further restrictions on imports of plastic scrap, as both countries seek a better handle on the sizable increase in recycled materials in their ports in the wake of China's ban on imported waste.

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Indonesian straw maker expected rejection, but not at such a rapid pace

The leader of an Indonesian plastic straw manufacturer certainly has seen opposition to his products growing, but even he is surprised by the momentum now taking place.

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Product bans to drive demand for biodegradable plastics

Increasing regulations and bans against plastic bags and other single-use plastic items such as drinking straws are driving growing demand for biodegradable plastics, according to market research consultancy IHS Markit.

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Fluoropolymer industry pushes back on Trump tariffs

President Donald Trump's administration's plans to impose tariffs on Chinese fluoropolymer imports would have a "disproportionately adverse" impact on the U.S. industry, weakening its trade surplus with China and possibly pushing investment offshore, industry officials told a Washington hearing July 24.

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Firms argue against tariffs on low-tech plastic products

A key reason President Trump gives for slapping tariffs on those imports is that he wants leverage to end unfair trade practices, such as forced technology transfers and favoritism for Chinese high-tech sectors like electric cars, as part of Beijing's Made in China 2025 program.
But in the case of plastics film and other lower-tech plastics goods on the latest tariff list, many U.S. companies are telling the Trump administration thanks but no thanks, they don't face those sorts of pressures, and they don't want to be part of a trade war.

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US plastics groups say tariffs will hike costs, cut access to China

U.S. plastics industry lobbying groups were out in force this week against President Donald Trump's latest tariffs on Chinese imports, arguing that the escalating trade conflict could shut off U.S. plastics exports to China and make U.S. companies less competitive internationally.

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UN calls bans 'effective strategies' to reduce plastic litter

A new report from the United Nations environmental agency says bans and taxes on single-use disposable plastics can be an effective strategy for combating plastic litter. The report also highlights benefits of polymer materials and says there is a need for cooperation with businesses.

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In China, Addivant says it's ready for tougher regs

At Chinaplas in Shanghai, additive behemoth Addivant was focused on what it called Beijing's increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental regulations.

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